internet PhoenixIf you are anything like me, you probably just sign up for the first thing that comes to your mind. I have never been one to have the time nor the energy to read thoroughly into things before signing up and my internet service provider or ISP is no different. Although there were many internet providers out there, I simply went with the one my neighbors were currently using and literally put no more thought into it.

Unfortunately, I should have definitely paid more attention to the monthly bills that I was getting from this internet service provider company. I was being overcharged for probably more than a year and I had never really even realized it. Obviously that was my fault, and I began to change my attitude towards managing my finances.

I began to think seriously about switching my internet service provider and going with a new company. And I also decided to get off of my butt and do something about it to help me with my financial situation. My first step was to call my current internet service provider and get a refund for for the extra charges I had been assessed. After speaking with a supervisor, the internet provider agreed to issue a check in the mail in the refund amount. I was super excited and felt vindicated to get the money back I deserved!

Next, I wanted to get a new internet service provider and pay less than I was paying now without sacrificing the service that I would get. I began to ask family, friends, and neighbors what internet provider they use as well as their opinion as to the best internet Phoenix provider out there. I wrote down a list of all of the suggestions and noticed that quite a few individuals were signed up with the same company. I decided to begin my investigation with that company.

I made sure to look up internet providers in my area and sure enough that company was on the list. I then decided to give them a call and see what types of packages they offered to homeowners. I also made sure to inquire about any specials or promotions they were currently offering to new members for signing up. I really was beginning to amaze myself with all of the good questions I was asking as well as the money I would eventually would be saving. And it really all only took a matter of minutes.

I was able to sign up and get a price cheaper than I was paying before all in a matter of minutes! It was a great feeling when I got off of the phone. I began to apply my financial tools that I used in locating a new internet service provider in all aspects of my life. I found that by just inquiring and keeping on top of my finances, I was able to save a substantial amount of money. Overall, getting a better deal is always a great way to save some money and increase your financial resources. It was a great way for me to contribute to helping my family and ensuring that we have the money we need. Consider using these suggestions in your own financial plan, you may be surprised about how much money you can actually save in the process.